We have a Safety Manager
Free Charter School
Kinder - Fourth Grade
We're open 5 days a week
7:30am - 5:30pm
Free meals


 We are in need of:


o Chromebooks 

o Laptops for School Age Children 

o Laptops for Teachers 

o Back-Pack Rolling Racks 

o Basketball Hoop & Net (for children 5 – 11yrs) 

o Basketball & 4 Square Play Court 

o Playground Balls (4 sq., soccer, basket ball) 

o Children’s Books age 5 -11yrs. 

o Expo dry-erase markers (black and colored) 

o Scratch paper 

o Holiday color construction paper (green, red…) 

o Foam Play Ground Covering (at least for under the monkey bars) o Wood Chips for under swings. 

o Mr. Clean magic wipe erasers 

o American Flag & Flagpole (permanent)  

o School Floor rugs, colorful, rubber backed, 4 X 6 

o Flowers that grow well in shaded pots (Aloe Vera, Ferns) o Table Sandbox 

o Kleenex 

o Copy Paper 

o Ziplock baggies (all sizes) 

o Tooth boxes (for when students lose a tooth) 

o Milk Cooler 

o Socks, Underwear, Pants, Shirts for children ages 5-11yrs Boys & Girls o Shade Structure to go over Playground. 

o New Playground Climber with Monkey Bars, Slides. 


Thank you for your consideration and help! 

Midtown Primary School is a Public Charter School near the heart of Downtown Phoenix. We happily serve over 130 students from K thru 4th grade.